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HITTERS WELCOME: Composite Wood bats priced from $120 to $200 with 2-6 month warranty      
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KR3 Wood bats from Canada eagle Magnum, Maple magnum, hickory magnum

KR3 Maple Magnum Composite
KR3 Hickory Magnum Composite
KR3 Maple and Ash Pro Wood Bats

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KR3 Eagle Magnum
Players Choice

BBCOR.50 Certified, IBAF Approved, CEB Certified
Youth, High School, College, and Adult Wood Bat Leagues
Eagle Magnum M243 Knob .965 Handle 2.55 Barrel
Eagle Magnum M243 Knob .965 Handle 2.55 Barrel
Highest Density Core of Premium Hard Rock Canadian Maple Hand selected with unique
vacuum drying process allows wood sap to fill in wood matrix. Fiberglass biaxial sleeving
applied with rock resin epoxy.  
60 Day Warranty 32, 33, 33.5, 34
Highest Density Core of Premium Canadian Maple
Eagle Magnum i13 Knob Handle .965 2.51 Barrel  34, 33
Highest Density Core of Premium Canadian Maple
Eagle Magnum M271  Flare Handle .965 2.45 Barrel 34, 31

Available spring 2018 Eagle Magnum P5 Flare  Handle .965 2.50 Barrel call first new 2018
KR3 Eagle Magnum Baseball Bat
Bat Length
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Call First to check size Availability 503 208 2009
Vulcan Advanced Bat Grip
Amazing Vulcan Advanced Bat Grip $9.95
Vulcan Bat Wrap Vulcan Bat Grip

Offering the highest quality products and service to all of our customers is their first priority.  Innovative wood/composite materials are added to magnum series bats to increase performance and durability. The Eagle Magnum is the best of Fiberglass wrapped handles and extends 22 inches up the barrel
Eagle Magnums carry 60 day warranty.
We work closely with many players, teams and companies in many
different countries and welcome all international orders.
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pelican bat wax $14  with

Pelican Bat Wax, is a revolutionary sports grip and a must for all baseball players serious about their game. It will enhance your confidence at the plate to give you that extra firm bat grip and control you need. It also allows
Pelican Bat Wax
Bat Grip

The answer to taking hitting practice before a game or steeping into the batting cage for batting practice is to get at least 25-30 swings using our (PowerWiffs)  With these supper realistic poly plastic 9" baseballs with embossed red threads enable you to get an eye on how the ball looks when thrown by a pitcher. Tested by the Northwest Independent Baseball League with little to no plastic PowerWiffsTM baseballs splitting when hit by adult hitters using wood or composite wood bats. These 9" plastic training baseballs are perforated for restricted flight. They are great for up close batting drills or indoor play during the off season

Shoulder Ice Wrap/Shoulder Heat Wrap

What are you doing to be ready
for the next season?
Learn to hit with Back Spin auto toss
Popper-Upper the 1 man soft toss for year round batting practice


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